What Does Core LRS Offer

Core LRS sets itself apart from the competition based on transparency of pricing, broad learning protocol support, and ease of use.

User Friendly Interface

Core was built with the perspectives of all organisational learning stakeholders in mind.

Implementation is simple. With just six lines of code, Core will get to work gathering data on learner activities.

User friendly dashboards organise and present visual representations of data so that information can be better understood and communicated within the organisation. Dashboards can be customised based on the specific needs of individual stakeholders and decisionmakers.

Planet Scale

Choose the location server or servers that best suit your organisation’s needs or consult our team for a custom server configuration.

Wherever your learners are, Core can securely gather and store their data.

Native Launch Protocols

We know xAPI is the future, but that many organisations still maintain a wealth of SCORM content, which is why Core LRS provides native support for both.


Use our Software Development Kit (SDK) to quickly and easily connect your applications to Core.

With just a few lines of code, you can securely connect applications to the Core LRS backend, enabling key functionality including: Generating Launch URLs, Creating and Querying Statements, and Managing State.

View our SDK Quickstart to get up and running with the Core SDK.