Import Data

The Import feature of Core LRS allows data to be imported from external sources, including third-party LRS systems which support XAPI. This is especially useful for those wishing to migrate existing learning databases to Core LRS, or to benefit from the reporting features provided.

The Import Data page contains a table showing any previous import jobs that have been run against the LRS and their results. To start a new Import Job, click ‘Import from another LRS’.

On the next page, complete the following fields:

Source LRS Endpoint
Enter the URL to the LRS XAPI endpoint, for example: “”
Source LRS Username
Enter the Username to use for authentication to the external LRS
Source LRS Password
Enter the Password to use for authentication to the external LRS
Preserve Statement Stored Date
When selected, the ‘Stored’ date of imported statements will remain unchanged, otherwise it will take the current date and time
Preserve Statement Authority
By default, xAPI will not preserve any existing authorities in an imported statement. If selected then the original statement authority is retained/preserved along with the new authority that processed the statement. This can be useful for auditing purposes.

Click the ‘Create’ button to create the import job. You can then monitor the status of the import within the Import table.