Reporting is a key function of the Core LRS Portal, offering insight into the usage of the LRS and many different useful metrics that show how data is being stored in the database.

In addition to the basic charts shown on the Overview page, the Reports section of the Portal includes further charts which can be customised to suit your requirements.

On Demand

The On Demand section can be used to run ad-hoc reports and save them for future use. On demand reports can also be incorporated into dashboards once saved.

Previously saved reports are shown in a table allowing them to be run, edited or deleted.

To run a new report, click ‘Add New’, then choose the type of report to run. A form will appear with optional report parameters depending on the type of report selected in the previous step. To save a report, click ‘Save As’ and choose a name. The report will now be available in the Saved Reports list and can be included in dashboards.


The Dashboards page is fully customisable, and allows the creation of multiple dashboards each of which has a bespoke layout and suite of reports. Initially, a default dashboard will be shown which contains several useful charts and metrics. This can either be edited, or a new dashboard can be created.

The dashboard editor provides a drag-and-drop page to allow saved reports to be positioned as required, and resized where possible.

To add a Saved Report to a dashboard, find the saved report in the panel to the right of the Dashboard Editor, and drag it into position on the left panel. To change the size of a report, click the cog icon within the widget. Note that the range of widget sizes available is dependent on the type of report and chart type selected.

To remove a report widget from the dashboard, drag it off the dashboard panel.